RESYNTEX is a far-reaching project with ambitious goals and a clear benefit for Europe. More information is available to download below: 

Download RESYNTEX Leaflet

Download Introduction Presentation

Download Presentation - Recycling textile waste into secondary material: Can it lower the global environmental impacts? The answer through Life Cycle Assessment

Download Presentation - A new circular economy concept for PET: From textile waste towards chemical and textile industries feedstock

Download Paper - Hyperspectral Imaging for Textile Sorting and Recycling

Download Poster - Sixth International Fibre Recycling Symposium

Download Abstract - Sixth International Fibre Recycling Symposium

Download Paper - Tackling Problematic Textile Waste Streams

Download Paper - Circular Economy Stakeholder Perspectives: Textile Collection Strategies to Support Material Circularity

Download Paper - Towards a Circular Economy in Textiles: RESYNTEX and the European Union

Download Paper - Design of Circular Economy Plants - The Case of the Textile Recycling Plant

Download Paper - Highly Selective Enzymatic Recovery of Building Blocks from Wool-Cotton-Polyester Textile Waste Blends


Press Releases

RESYNTEX Caps Successful Launch with Executive Board Meeting 15 December 2015

Circular Economy Change Makers Meet in Manchester 17 May 2016


External Reports

Download Report - A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion's Future

Download Report - Chemical Recycling: Making Fiber-to-Fiber Recycling a Reality for Polyester Textiles

Download Report - Fashion at the Cross Roads 

eu funding

RESYNTEX received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 641942.