• Better Recycling

    New secondary raw materials will be generated which allows society to move towards a more circular economy

  • Synthesis of Expertise

    The project combines the expertise of industry, research and more to form a connected whole, putting innovation into practice

  • Reducing Textile Waste

    Post-consumption as well as post-production textile waste is a resource which RESYNTEX will process, creating circularity and reducing environmental impact.

Our pilot plant has begun operational testing in Maribor, Slovenia ⚙️ 👨‍🔬https://t.co/LdGXajMyXV #ResearchImpactEU https://t.co/LdGXajMyXV

Wed 13th Feb 2019

Through an innovative recycling approach and a synthesis of expertise, RESYNTEX will transform textile waste into secondary raw materials, creating circularity and reducing environmental impact.

A New Circular Economy Concept For Textiles And Chemicals

Europe needs to move towards a more circular economy to conserve its future environment and society. Currently, many of the materials contained in products are discarded as waste after use.

The textile industry is no exception. Much of its waste is landfilled or incinerated with a high environmental impact and at great cost. Valuable resources held within the waste are lost.

RESYNTEX aims to change this through research and innovation.

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The Project

RESYNTEX is a research project which will use circular economy concepts to produce raw materials for textiles and chemicals from textile waste.


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eu funding

RESYNTEX received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 641942.